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Patient Testimonials

Our best advertisers are past patients and referring doctors. We encourage you to read what others have to say about Apple Physical Therapy. We are very appreciative of your kind words and overall feedback.


“When my doctor diagnosed me with tennis elbow, I told him I wanted to go to Apple PT. I had been to Apple before when Adam treated me for a rotator cuff problem. He fixed my shoulder.

Adam does a tremendous job. He has a great way of making you feel comfortable and he explains things. The hours are flexible and he gets results.

I’ve been to other physical therapy centers where I felt like a number. Adam makes me feel like one of the family. When someone is working on your body, that’s how you want to feel.”

Frank Marano

“All of the people at Apple Physical Therapy have been terrific to me! Bruce has worked hard to help me to achieve my goals. He has kept me motivated and encouraged me when I needed it. The facility is clean and spacious with state-of-the-art equipment. I am deeply grateful to the staff at Apple Physical Therapy!”

Bill Green

“After having physical therapy at two other facilities, Apple PT rates superior. Their staff is extremely kind, courteous and attentive. I would highly recommend Apple PT to anyone in need of their services. If you are looking for the best, go to Apple PT.”

Thomas Gredesky

“Apple Physical Therapy is a bright and friendly place. All of the therapists and aides are extremely knowledgeable. I was able to ask all of my questions without feeling uneasy. My home exercise program is easy to follow and I feel comfortable working independently at home. You will not find a better team than the staff at Apple Physical Therapy.”

Judy Battersby

Physician Testimonials

“Adam David and his staff at Apple Physical Therapy rate #1.

I have referred patients from my Orthopedic Surgery practice since this office opened a few years ago. Every patient is thrilled with their care, and the progress they make…..Every patient.  My follow-up examinations always confirm excellent progress.  Dr. David uses the right balance of challenge and push for each person with empathy and methods to limit pain during this process.  Those individuals who recover from challenging physical problems all return to tell me that “I came to both love him and hate him at the same time”…..but together, success was achieved.

When I myself needed physical therapy, there was no doubt where I would go: To Dr.David at Apple P.T.  He and his staff treated me just as well as the treat everyone: with respect and top quality care.  And I also “loved him and hated him” at every visit.  He pushed and challenged me as much as anybody, but within my tolerance, and with a sincere smile of confidence.  And I also made great improvement….even better than I expected.

Dr. David and his staff are true professionals.  They do a fantastic job.  And they add a warmth and personal investment that encourages people to make their best efforts.  The wealth of success shows it.”

Mark Sobel, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

“Bruce is a trusted member of the local medical community. He has provided personalized, quality physical therapy services for my patients for quite some time now.”

Jason Pecarsky, M.D.
Primary Care Physician

“Bruce Apple is one of the best therapists around. I trust him to help my patients of all ages and orthopedic problems. They always come back better and happy.”

Laura Ross, D.O.

“Bruce Apple has the knowledge, training, and experience to give my patients therapy second to none. I can always feel comfortable that my patients will receive the optimal quality of care to maximize their clinical results.”

Craig Rosen, M.D.

“Bruce and his staff provide individual, comprehensive treatment to each patient in a friendly, comfortable environment. By the end of the first physical therapy session, each patient has a clear understanding of his/her diagnosis, treatment plan and home exercise program.”

Gary Shapiro, M.D.
Family Physician