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Get to Know Apple Physical Therapy

Searching for top-notch physical therapy in Cherry Hill or Marlton? Look no further than Apple Physical Therapy! Best known as the leading sports medicine therapy provider in South Jersey, we also provide orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation to children and adults of all ages.

Meet the Owner — Adam David

Apple Physical Therapy Owner, Adam David, grew up in Cherry Hill, and was a long-time soccer and hockey player all through his teens and into adulthood. Unfortunately, Adam suffered a serious ankle injury while playing hockey, and was sent to physical therapy to regain full use. During his own rehabilitation, Adam discovered the power of physical therapy. It had such a profound effect on his life that he left his job as an elementary school teacher, and enrolled at Thomas Jefferson University to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. While completing his degree, Adam served as Chair of Jefferson’s Hands of Hope organization, where he and fellow students provided weekly pro bono physical therapy services to residents of a homeless shelter. Today, as an avid runner and competitor, Adam takes a special interest in helping runners of all levels reach their goals with the help of physical therapy.

Meet the Cherry Hill Office Clinical Director — Alec Levin

Alec has been a vital part of the Apple Physical Therapy practice for 4 years.  He graduated from Drexel University with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.  His expertise is orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation, and he is passionate about working with all of his patients to meet their goals and return them to the activities they love.  He currently lives in Haddon Township with his wife and son.


An Independent Practice

Apple Physical Therapy opened in Cherry Hill in 2007, and just five years later opened a second office in Marlton to extend their exceptional rehabilitative services to more of South Jersey. Adam has chosen to keep the practice independent so he is free to work with patients from ALL hospitals, primary care practices, and the region’s leading physicians. 

Unmatched Continuity of Care

Most physical therapy practices have patients work with whatever staff member is available at the time of the appointment. Apple Physical Therapy turns that patient care model on its head, and has established a continuity of care model that sets the standard for the industry. Apple Physical Therapy connects each patient with a specific physical therapist who remains with that patient for the length of his or her care. The therapist creates a personalized plan of care, and sees the patient through their therapy. The benefit is continuity of care from start to finish. Some therapy care plans take a matter of weeks, while others may span many months. No matter the timeline, Apple physical therapists work side-by-side with their patients to get the best results.

Our physical therapists love what they do, and their compassion, empathy, high interest, and work ethic are evident to patients from the very first appointment. The owner’s goal is to keep Apple Physical Therapy small and ultra-personalized so that the time spent in physical therapy feels like time spent with friends.


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