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DR5D2461Inflammation or irritation of the long head of the biceps tendon which connects the biceps muscle to the bones in the shoulder joint. Biceps tendonitis is an over-use injury and is caused when excessive or abnormal forces are applied to the tendon. There are many causes of biceps tendonitis such as, repetitive overhead movements of the arms, weakness in the rotator cuff and muscles of the upper back, shoulder tightness, or restricted range of motion of the shoulder, abnormal body mechanics and posture, an increase in an exercise routine and age related changes. Biceps tendonitis leads to sharp pain in the front of the shoulder that increases when you reach overhead, pain may radiate toward the neck or down the front of the arm, tenderness to touch at the front of the shoulder, weakness felt around the shoulder joint, a sensation of clicking in the front of the shoulder with movement, pain and difficulty with reaching behind your back and/or reaching overhead.

The Physical Therapists at Apple Physical Therapy will design a personalized treatment plan specific to you and your injury that will include range of motion, stretching and strengthening exercises to improve mobility and strength in your shoulder to allow you to return to normal daily activity. We will include manual therapy techniques such as massage and stretching of the shoulder and surrounding muscles to improve motion and decrease pain. If necessary, your PT may elect to use modalities such as heat, ice and/or electrical stimulation to help reduce pain and ready the body for exercise.

With convenient locations in both Cherry Hill NJ and Marlton NJ, Apple Physical Therapy proudly serves such areas as Cherry HillMarltonMedfordVoorheesMount LaurelMaple ShadeBerlinMoorestown and all of South Jersey’s Camden and Burlington counties. If you are looking for a Physical Therapist in the Cherry Hill area, we welcome you to our practice. Meet our team and schedule your appointment with us today!