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The Meniscus is a rubbery, C-shaped piece of cartilage that cushions your knee. Each of your knees has 2 menisci; one on the inner (medial) and one on the outer (lateral) part of the knee. Together they act to absorb shock and stabilize the knee joint. A meniscus tear is usually caused by twisting or turning on a bent knee, often with the foot planted on the ground. When you tear a meniscus you might feel a sharp, intense pain in the knee area, and feel a pop or tearing sensation. Swelling increases in the knee within the first 24 hours of the injury, it may be difficult to straighten your knee and you may have the feeling that your knee is locking, catching, buckling and giving way.

Whether you have surgery to repair or remove your meniscus or choose to treat it conservatively, the Physical Therapists at Apple Physical Therapy will design a personalized treatment plan specific to you and your injury that will include range of motion, stretching and strengthening exercises to improve mobility and strength in your knee, leg and core musculature to allow you to return to normal daily activity.  We will incorporate gait training and balance activities to allow you to return to normal and safe walking and the use of stairs. We will include manual therapy techniques such as massage and stretching of the knee and surrounding muscles to restore normal motion of the knee and leg.  If necessary, your PT may elect to use modalities such as heat and/or ice to help reduce pain and ready the body for exercise.

With convenient locations in both Cherry Hill NJ and Marlton NJ, Apple Physical Therapy proudly serves such areas as Cherry HillMarltonMedfordVoorheesMount LaurelMaple ShadeBerlinMoorestown and all of South Jersey’s Camden and Burlington counties. If you are looking for a Physical Therapist in the Cherry Hill area, we welcome you to our practice. Meet our team and schedule your appointment with us today!